Six-Flags-LogoSix Flags Entertainment Corporation (NYSE:SIX), the world’s largest regional theme park company, and Riverside Investment Group Co. Ltd., a leading real estate developer in China, announced today a new strategic partnership to build multiple Six Flags-branded theme parks in China over the next decade.

“Our international expansion strategy is focused on finding the right partners in the right markets, and Riverside Investment Group will be the perfect strategic partner for us in China,” said Jim Reid-Anderson, Chairman, President and CEO of Six Flags Entertainment. “We are honored to be working with this world-class organization as we continue taking the Six Flags brand to growing markets outside North America.”

“We are honored to enter this strategic relationship with Six Flags and expand the entertainment offerings in China,” said Chairman Li of Riverside Investment Group. “We are confident this world-class brand and unique form of entertainment will attract millions of guests to our parks.”

20140619_094130Six Flags America, the nation’s Capital of Thrills, will debut Ragin Cajun, the park’s ninth roller coaster, on Friday, June 20, 2014.  The new coaster will find its home in the newly themed Mardi Gras section which also features a fun, family-friendly, flying ride dubbed French Quarter Flyers.

In true Mardi Gras style Ragin Cajun is an exciting fast track roller coaster that twists, turns and tilts as groups of four riders zigzag through 1,378 feet of dizzying 360° spins, breathtaking drops, sudden twists and erratic speeds. The roller coaster’s uniquely-designed train spins independently as it zips through a course as wild as its name.

“Ragin Cajun, with its spinning car, is the first of its kind at Six Flags America and offers guests a completely new type of thrill,” said Rick Howarth, park president. “Riders get a good taste of the excitement of Mardi Gras as they zip, spin, twist and turn on this fantastic new ride.” Continue reading

SFAFANS was at Six Flags America today and snapped a few more pictures of things we’re seeing at the park that’s new or different.  One of the nicest improvements I’ve seen this season is on Roar!, I had the chance to ride it a couple of times today and notice a lot less shaking in some areas of the coaster, definitely coming out of the drop and also making the turn into the brake run.  Here are a few photos of the track work. You might have to look closely at the picture to see the replaced track.

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SFAFANS was out at Six Flags America on Sunday, April 13 and grabbed a few pictures of the work going on around Six Flags America.  In this update, you can see some of the work going on in Mardi Gras and a better picture of the paint job on Joker’s Jinx, Voo Doo Drop and a short video clip of  the new “Legends of the Arena” Gladiator Stunt Show.

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Six Flags America opened for the 2014 season on Saturday April 5.  The park has made many great changes this season but none more drastic than the conversion of Southwest Territory into Mardi Gras.  Once Mardi Grasi complete, the park will have painted and renamed all of the flat rides, open the parks 9th roller coaster Ragin’ Cajun, added a new Larsons Flyers flat ride called French Quarter Flyers and added a traditional New Orleans drink called the Hurricane in a new restaurant called Hurricanes.  All of the facades have been removed and new ones put up on the three buildings as you walk into Mardi Gras to give the new area a French Quarter Feel. Continue reading

Six Flags America has announced their 2014 Season Pass Discount & Bring a Friend for Free Days.  Check out this promotion on the Six Flags America Website.  Make sure you check back with SFAFANS.COM throughout the season for a list of Deals and Promotions that gets you in the gate of Six Flags America.

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